We learn about your company culture and how your teams work to recommend customized solutions that make sense for your unique workspace needs, timeline, and budget. From furniture space planning to on-site walkthroughs to construction meetings, our experienced specialists will handle all the details of your project, so you can focus on other important things.

CBI Group 
Doesn't Just Sell Office Furniture.

  • An office that helps you attract and retain top talent 
  • A workspace that boosts productivity for all types of personalities
  • An environment that embodies your values and culture
  • A layout that promotes comfort and well-being

What You Will Get Out Of Your New Space?

Office Furniture Solutions

Tell us a little about your company and project so we can find the best solutions for your unique space.

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Hundreds of options to choose from so we can create a space that best fits your unique needs.

Our expert team will help determine your ideal office layout based on your workflow and culture.

Your Project Manager handles the deadlines and details so you can stay focused on your business.

Furniture Space Planning

Project Management

Office furniture solutions that reinvent how you work.

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Our network of professional, experienced installers deliver and set up your office space!

Delivery & Installation

How we'll create your dream office space:

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